Increasingly impressive and dynamic Sporty Exterior Design.

Pilihan Warna


 RUSH 1.5 G M/T                       280,200,000
 RUSH 1.5 G A/T                       291,000,000
 RUSH 1.5 S M/T GR SPORT                       292,900,000
 RUSH 1.5 S A/T GR SPORT                       303,600,000
 RUSH 1.5 G M/T LUX                       281,409,000
 RUSH 1.5 G A/T LUX                       292,209,000
 RUSH 1.5 S M/T LUX GR SPORT                       294,109,000
 RUSH 1.5 S A/T LUX GR SPORT                       304,809,000

Beyond Exterior

Increasingly impressive and dynamic Sporty Exterior Design

Highlight Features

 Advanced Tech LED Headlamp

 Dashing Dark Chrome Grille

 New Outstanding Front Bumper Spoiler

 Integrated LED Rear Combination Lamp

 New Sturdy Rear Bumper Spoiler

 Smart Entry

Beyond Interior

Modern and dashing look as well as maximum comfort while driving.

Highlight Features

 Distinctive Soft Touch Dashboard

 New Cutting-Edge Entertainment Unit

 New Progressive Combination Meter

 Auto A/C With Digital Display

 Comfortable Tilt Steering

 Smart Start/Stop Engine Button

Beyond Safety

The comfort of passengers is a great concern for Toyota All New Rush to provide maximum standard for comfort.

Highlight Features

 Protective 6 SRS Airbags

 Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

 Assuring 7 Seat Belt Indicators

 Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

 Secured Hill-Start Assist (HSA)

 Emergency Brake Signal (EBS)

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